Harlem’s attractiveness illustrated (with that neat new camera)

In celebration of the new camera, some photos of Harlem buildings and neighborhoods. (UPDATE:  I’m using a new process to make them fit into the blog’s format.  Before, they were thumbnails and oversized….a real pain.)

Here’s a snap looking southward from 125th and Lenox.  I think of this area as the “heart of Harlem”.  I don’t know if I’ve heard that somewhere or whether I’m just wrong.  The church is Seventh Day Adventist.

125th and Lenox looking south.  The heart of Harlem

Here’s a building on 125th Street.

Building on 125th Street

Here’s a nice shot of an area next to Marcus Garvey Park.  The area is wonderful.

Neighborhood near Marcus Garvey Park (124th St, between 5th Avenue and Lenox Ave)

Here are three quick photos taken around 127th through 137th Streets.  I didn’t note exactly where, but they are between Lenox Avenue and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

Backstreet neighborhood 1

Backstreet neighborhood 2

Look at the next.  What a wonderful looking place!

Backstreet neighborhood 3

It’s easy to make Harlem look good.  Maybe this can show some of the effects of the Harlem Renaissance that’s going on.


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One Comment on “Harlem’s attractiveness illustrated (with that neat new camera)”

  1. Chaz Says:

    The top two pictures are of 131st Street between Lenox Ave and 5th Ave. The building with the scaffolding is building #35. I grew up in that building.

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