Sylvia is the “Queen of Soul Food”

Sylvia’s is probably the best known restaurant in Harlem nowadays.  She actually has two “Sylvia’s” restaurants right next to one another.  I’m not particularly fond of soul food, but she is a local legend and I feel the obligation to show a picture (I gotta use that new camera to prove that it’s worthwhile).

Sylvia’s is located at about 126th St and Lenox Avenue.  One thing that I’ve found interesting/pleasant/whatever about Sylvia’s is that a number of street vendors tend to group outside of her restaurant.  Last year, I bought a score of “Harlem” hats for party favors from these vendors.  It’s interesting, but you just can’t seem to find hats emblazoned with “Harlem” outside of NYC, so I was reasonably sure no one would have one already.



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