New camera is on the way

I’m getting a lot of viewer hits over the past couple of days.  I’ve no idea where they’re coming from or even if they are all from the same person.  However, it helped me decide it was time to upgrade the picture quality.  My wonderful $20 camera was having worse problems everytime I took it out.  You’ve probably noticed the poor quality, but the miserable thing wouldn’t let me take a picture from the shadows of anything in the light.  I don’t know how many times I tried to take a picture of the Chrysler Building and just gotten a blur.  Finally, a lot of pictures were just starting to vanish.  I’d take five or ten pictures and the next time I’d try to take a picture, it’d say that it was “Photo #1”. 

So, I’ve ordered a nice camera from Amazon and we’ll see how it works once it gets here (alas, no “free” overnight shipping on this thing).  Hey, the last time I ordered from Amazon, the item never got here, so it may be a long wait.

I’ll give a better description of it and all once it gets here…and if I can manage to get it working properly.  My concern is the same that had me get the $20 version:  a “good” photo takes a lot of memory space.  That means my blog’s memory allocation gets used up more quickly and that people who view my site may have a long wait for it to fully load.  There are ways around it by using some specialized software, but it’s a pain.  Nevertheless, it’s worth a try.

Yeah, I’m sort of enjoying writing the blog.  I just haven’t figured out who’s looking in on it.  Not a single “comment” yet.  Wanna be first?

You know, a “real blogger” would have turned this into at least three separate posts:  lots of hits from unknown sources, a new camera is on the way (not to mention the problems with the old one), and no comments yet.  I’ve gotta get the hang of this.


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One Comment on “New camera is on the way”

  1. Cuzin Cathy Says:

    Love the pics of the boardwalk. Hope you get the new camera before the cheap one dies. Looking forward to the first parade pics.

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