NYC Half-marathon photos

On my way to Church, I found the annual NYC half-marathon was in progress.  Even if I hadn’t been aware of it before, I would have known something was up when I started seeing cops all over the place starting at Fifth Avenue and lots and lots of re-directed traffic.  In fact, they had blocked off 7th Avenue for part of the half-marathon and then they had also blocked off part of 6th Avenue for a street fair.  The runners were coming south on 7th and then were cutting east to pass Broadway, so no traffic on it at that part, and then going to 8th Avenue to go north again.  And that’s on top of part of Lexington Avenue being cut off because of work being done at the steampipe explosion site.  

So, out of roughly 16 north-south roads in Manhattan, at least at the level of 42nd Street, five were blocked to some degree.  That’s extraordinary.

Anyway, here a couple of photos taken in Times Square.

Times Square half-marathon 1

NYC half-marathon in Times Square 2

I know a couple of people from work who were going to run in it today.  I watched for about 20 minutes but didn’t see any of them. 

Oh, Church had about 20 of us today.  We’re practically bursting with people this summer. 

By the time Church was over, the marathon runners had finished their run through Times Square and the street was open again.


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2 Comments on “NYC Half-marathon photos”

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  2. […] limited by the fact that I took over 500 photos, but am only going to show about 32 of them.  (Last year’s posting had a total of two photos.  Of course, that was before I got my new camera.  My old camera could […]

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