Flat Stanley and Famous Ankles Part 4

I hope that James T. of Falls Church is enjoying this series. He sent me Flat Stanley and asked for pictures.

James T. lives next to Washington D.C. That’s the current capital of the United States, but I wonder if he knew that New York City used to be the capital of the United States. When George Washington became president of the United States, this is where he took his oath of office. It is called “Federal Hall”.

20090711 Flat Stanley 06 Federal Hall

Falls Church Virginia is named for its famous “Falls Church”. When he was president of the United States, George Washington would go to Church at St. Paul’s Chapel in New York City. They have saved where he used to sit. Here’s Flat Stanley in front of it.

20090711 Flat Stanley 08 St Pauls Chapel pew

Actually, George Washington was president of the United States from 1789 to 1797. New York City was the capital only from 1785 to 1790. So George Washington wasn’t in New York City for all of his time as president.

St. Paul’s Chapel is very old (it was old when George Washington went to it). But it is famous for other reasons than being old and being where George Washington went to Church. In 2001, after the World Trade Center was destroyed, St. Paul’s Chapel served as a headquarters for the rescue teams. There are lots of memorials for what happened there. Inside St. Paul’s Chapel, one os them is made of badges from firefighters all over the world who came and helped.

20090711 Flat Stanley 09 Firefighter badges


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2 Comments on “Flat Stanley and Famous Ankles Part 4”

  1. Christiane Says:

    I’m from Bavaria, south Germany, and we have some more lakes, chapels, and moaeetsrins to offer. Next time you visit Germany, I’d recommend you either visit Oberbayern with Starnberg and all the lakes around, driving down south towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen. In summer, of course; who would like to swim in a lake on Easter, taken central European climate into account? Don’t miss a visit at Andechs monastery (Kloster Andechs); they have the finest beer in the world, and one of the strongest.Or you go to Passau or Regensburg, two beautiful cities with cathedrals (the Passau cathedral has the biggest church organ in the world) and take a three day boat cruise down to Austria on the river Danube (Donau in German). Regensburg at least, and I think Passau also, are built on the remains of Roman fortresses, so there’s hundreds of years of history to discover, if you’re in the mood to. Or just hang out in a typical Bavarian Biergarten .And, please, come between June and September. This year’s Easter weekend was exceptionally snowy in Germany and Austria, but that’s the risk you take at this time of year. Warm season doesn’t start before mid-May.

  2. That’s really thinking out of the box. Thanks!

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