New York City from the water at night

Ah, yes. My third and final posting about my June cruise around most of Manhattan. Part one detailed the late afternoon views; part two detailed the twilight views.

So, that makes this the evening post.  And to start it off, here’s the tippy-tippy-southern-tip of Manhattan…seen from a few hundred yards further south.  I even caught a couple of other boats in the picture.

At this point, we entered the East River side.  Yeah, you can name this bridge despite the poor lighting.  Yup, it’s the Brooklyn Bridge. 

You’ll notice that these pictures are just a bit more unfocused than usual.  Blame the poor light and the choppy water (and maybe, just a little, the photographer).  Nevertheless, this next picture of the Manhattan Bridge [corrected] just couldn’t be left out of the posting.  The angle is everything.

As we went up the East River, I saw a couple of buildings way in the distance that had some odd lighting about it.  I photographed it a bunch of times, but the only one I’ll put up is the next picture.  This is about as close as we got.  The neat thing about these is that the lights and their colors were slowly changing.  Just slow enough that I seldom caught them in transition.  That’s what made it so good.  I’m sure they’re famous, but I haven’t any idea as to what and why they are the way they are.  The buildings are in Brooklyn, not Manhattan.

For the next picture, we were heading back south and could see the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.  There are three major bridges in southern Manhattan.  Easily remembered for their names and position:  BMW.  Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg.  Williamsburg is the furthest north.

At the time of the next picture, the sunlight had well and truly faded away.  It left only the light of the City to picture.  I’ve done the cruise before and sights like this always make me a little awed.

And speaking of awe and pride.  One of the last things we did on the cruise, and the last picture I’ll share from that night:  the Statue of Liberty.


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4 Comments on “New York City from the water at night”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Love the NY at night pics. But better check that picture of the out of focus bridge again. I can’t claim to be an expert on NY’s bridges — but I’m pretty sure that’s not the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe George Washington??

  2. Famous Ankles Says:


    You’re correct that I misnamed the bridge. Actually, I missed this one quite a bit. It appears to be the Manhattan Bridge.

    Thanks for pointing it out. I shouldn’t have used my sequence of photos to have named it but should have just looked at the pylons.


  3. Giuseppe Says:

    Luis – Hi Mark,Thank you for article about Aperture back on October, leaenrd a lot from it. I am an Aperture user as well. Lucis Art Pro is very expensive but I see you can get similar results with Aperture as well. I may save the money for Lucis Art Pro to buy more glass. I think photographers will never complain of having toomuchglass . Thanks,LuisDecember 8, 2009 11:38 pm

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