The Statue of Liberty (sorta) at One New York Plaza

When you think of Manhattan buildings, you think skyscrapers. Not absolutely true, but NYC does have more than its fair share of tall, tall buildings. The furthest south of all the skyscrapers is the fifty story One New York Plaza building. It was built on reclaimed land in 1969 and I haven’t the foggiest idea of who inhabits it. I presume its Wall Street types as it is only a couple of blocks away from the NYSE.

The thing that caught my attention is that little figure in front of it. I can’t remember how high it was, maybe five to seven feet; but it turns out that it was part of something called “Statues of Liberty on Parade” and they are decorated with major league baseball team art. This one was for the Colorado Rockies.  (That means there are a whole bunch around and I’ve missed them all!)

Go a few yards further south and you can see the real one in the distance.   Go a little further to the west and you’ll see a number of charactors dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and willing to pose with you for a small fee.  You can pose with this one for free.


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2 Comments on “The Statue of Liberty (sorta) at One New York Plaza”

  1. judy Says:

    I just discovered your terrific NYC blog. I’ll visit it often. I truly feel I must have lived in NY sometime in a “past life”. I just returned from my annual 2 week visit to NY and discovered new and fun places- like the Fraunces Tavern. We have been visiting for 10 years and never tire of it.

  2. Famous Ankles Says:

    Welcome to NYC, Judy. I know exactly what you mean: NYC can really just grab you unexpectedly. When I first decided to come, I had all the trepidation of a “not a New York City kind of guy”, but one day in I decided that it was the greatest place on earth.


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