Fraunces Tavern

On the Fourth of July, I ankled past Frances Tavern; a museum and restaurant located on Pearl Street way down south in Manhattan.

Technically, it calls itself “The Museum of Colonial & Revolutionary History”. But I have to admit the idea of a combo restaurant-museum is pretty cool. I was there too early to try the place out, but I would imagine it’s…interesting. I don’t know if I would have gone in. I went through Menupages and found it’s highly rated, but expensive: burgers are $14 and a chicken pot pie is $16. Even in Manhattan, I can find better deals.


But I have to admit, a burger from the joint that Washington bid his famed farewell to the troops in 1783, an event that led King George III to say that Washington would the the greatest man in the world (for behaving like Cincinnatus and laying down power being thrust upon him and going back to be a farmer), is a bit attractive. Maybe I will…


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