Goats and a Blue Guy at Union Square

I couldn’t help it. I was at Union Square and noticed two things that I hadn’t seen there before. Well, the title tells it all.

Union Square was having one of its regular farmers markets and plant/flower sales as I was going through it, and I happened upon a nice little place.

Nothing special, just kind of your usual stall selling cheese. In this case, goat cheese. I’ve seen them before. What I hadn’t seen before were the proof of the cheese source: Goats.

They were pretty skittish, but then this is a new land for goats. We don’t get much livestock in Manhattan, dontchaknow? Well, not nowadays. Go back a dozen decades and it would probably be a frequent sight.

But this is a sight you wouldn’t have seen that dozen decades ago. And probably not last week, either.

I honestly don’t know the purpose or reason or joke that’s being pulled here. For some reason, the figure looks familiar, but I don’t really recall seeing him/it before. Of course, you see all types in NYC.

With regard to livestock (to revisit that topic for a moment). No, we don’t have livestock, but our farmers markets can have some game for sale. Not live, though.


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One Comment on “Goats and a Blue Guy at Union Square”

  1. Lucy from Tallahassee Says:

    Blue guy reminds me of the “guy” AOL uses as an icon to represent people on its web site.

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