A Small Spalding Gray Memorial

I’ve been to the area about five to seven times; Tompkins Square Park. One of my favorite spots is the Temperance Fountain. That fountain was established a hundred years ago to provide fresh water and (hopefully) wean people away from alcohol.

I had never noticed that the pavers around the fountain had dedications. Not all of them, but a bunch. As I circled it and looked (‘cuz I’m that kind of guy), I spotted a familiar name: Spalding Gray.

I never knew him or met him.  I best remember him in the movie “Swimming to Cambodia”.  He was something of a mezmerizing storyteller.

The paver reads “To The Best Dad in The World Spalding Gray All our love Marissa, Forrest Theo”.  According to Wikipedia, Marisa was his stepdaughter and the other two were his sons.  (And Wikipedia spells Marissa with one “s” whereas the paver has two.  I don’t know the right one.) [UPDATE:  Spalding Gray webmaster John Boland has provided the correct spelling:  “Marrisa”.  So the paver ought to read “To The Best Dad in The World Spalding Gray All our love Marrisa, Forrest Theo”.  This would correct the spelling of Marissa/Marrisa.]

But I do know that I enjoyed his monologue in Swimming to Cambodia.  Absolutely riviting.  I saw parts of “Monster in the Box” and enjoyed that, too.


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3 Comments on “A Small Spalding Gray Memorial”

  1. John Boland Says:

    Thank you very much for this information. I knew about the Memorial at Washington Square.
    I will post this information on the official site and for that I am very grateful.
    Marrisa has 2 r’s as does Forrest.
    webmaster for Spalding Gray/ Estate of Spalding Gray

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  2. Keila Says:

    Thank you Jannette for taking the time to write and let us know. Our team will be so paelsed to read your feedback! Take care of all that you love. James and the talkingstones team.

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