Re-Visiting the Berlin Wall

I’ve posted on the New York City Berlin Wall exhibit before.  I was walking by it again last Sunday and knew it was there.  I just peeked over and noticed it was deserted.  No big deal.  I had my camera and took a quick snap.  Once again, no big deal.  I doubted I’d get a post about it…or rather, I doubted I could figure out an angle to share some more pictures of the Berlin Wall in the blog.

But I have.

It’s one of the rules of tourism.  Nobody sees nothing until somebody sees something.  After a few moments, I walked over to the wall, and all of a sudden at least three groups of people converged on the spot.  They may have seen me taking a picture or just staring at the Wall and then joined in, having noticed the Wall themselves.  Or they saw other people watching me looking at the Wall. Or maybe…

Or maybe they wanted to take a look at the Wall themselves and had come thousands of miles to see it in solitude and couldn’t ’cause some guy spoiled the one moment that the Wall was undisturbed.  (Not pictured, a Japanese couple who had me take their photo up against the Wall.)


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