Puerto Rican Day Parade Part 3

My third, and last post on the 2008 Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City.  And I start off with one of my favorite photos of the day.   Okay, my favorite photo.  This is radio station 1280, WADO.  They had a nice float filled with staffers.  One of them spotted me taking pictures and held her pose of blowing me a kiss for about 10 seconds.  At the end, I gave her a big thumbs up and we both laughed.  She oughta be a beauty queen.

More cars.  There was a pretty long line of them at this point.

More beauty queens.  This time I had the zoom on.

Let’s combine ’em!  A cool car with beauty queens!

The ladies below are representing CUNY (City College of New York).  Interesting hosiery ladies.  But, don’t ya think representing a pretty good school ought to entail something a little less…declasse?

Speaking of class.  Dogs in wedding dress.

Okay, the Boy Scouts were represented by a small contingent.  But were they prepared for the heat?  Probably, hey, they’re scouts.

A little dance group.  Very pleasant.

 This was a “support the troops” sort of group. Actually, they were a “support the family of troops” group. No other sign of the war in the parade that I noticed.

Now this was a very pleasant surprise. The “Taino“, an indiginous group of Puerto Ricans (actually from all over the West Indies). I knew they existed, but didn’t know their name nor really anything about them. According to the Wikipedia entry, 60 percent of Puerto Ricans have Taino heritage to some degree.

Well, one area of Puerto Rico that I know is a formal name: San Juan. They sent a float.  With beauty queens.  Zillions of ’em, I tell ya.

Another celebrity sighting. I didn’t know who Jordin Sparks was until I looked her up. It was obvious that she was a star of some sort, but I didn’t know she was a winner of American Idol. And, of course, I got a lousy picture of her finishing a drink. (The others only had half her head and I figured this was by far the best shot I got of her.)

Another reason I didn’t get a good picture of Jordin was the below woman. She was a dancer and was the absolutely most intense dancer I have ever seen. Her determination to boogie was astounding. I think this picture captures it. Her expression never changed. My second favorite moment of the parade.

Another marching band. A bit different than most. I really liked the dancers/native costumes in the front.

This last photo is the Grand Council of Hispanic Societies float. The young lady in the center was feeling energy I no longer had.

I left the parade after being there for four hours. It was long. It was hot. It was only about half over. I just didn’t want to stay anymore so I ankled home.


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12 Comments on “Puerto Rican Day Parade Part 3”

  1. maria Says:

    im a boricua and i love my culture i dont care what people think of us there haters and they will always be P.R all day

    • Yuuta Says:

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  2. eduardo Says:

    the marching band with native costumes are from Panama

    • Marites Says:

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  3. newyorican Says:

    nice picsz n daddy yankee

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