Philippines Independence Day Parade – Part 3

No better way to start off my third and final post on Sunday’s parade than to show Miss Philippines USA.

The Jaycees. Or as they marked themselves: The Junior Chamber of Commerce.

The next group was the Filipino Social Club of New York City.

This was Mrs. Philippines USA.  Okay, that’s her well to the right in the picture.  I doubt that Mrs. Philippines looks about five or so.

Whoever originated the name of “Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue” was only interested in getting the acronym “FIND”. The marchers were only interested in tossing some beach balls amongst themselves. I approve of the beach ball fun.

I know, I know. You’ve been asking: where are the Bukidnons? Here they are. I haven’t any idea who/what the Association of Bukindons in America is; but here they are.  Cool clothing, too.

We’d gone too long without Ladies with Parasols. Here came some.

The Philippine-American Association of Connecticut marched next. I liked these ladies and their native dress.

A bunch of protestors marched next. The economist part of me is bemused. Their demands? Control the price of rice and abolish the rice cartels. Cartels are designed to control prices; that’s one of the definitions. If you control the price of rice, presumably by keeping it lower, then production lags. If you want to keep the price of rice high, demand lags.  End of Econ 101 class.

More of the protestors. A little bit of trivia: something like 10 percent of all Philippinos have left their country and work in other countries. It’s a big industry for them.  This was an immigration group, but I’m a little bemused by the idea that they are against trafficking people.  That seems to be a growth business in the Philippines.

The next group touched something that was missing in this parade. It was a remembrance for Hector Tamayo who died in 9/11. I know nothing about Hector, but they were basically saying that their community has that connection and remembers.

I always enjoyed the Ladies with Parasols and got some more. When I started writing these posts I mentioned that there were a bunch. But then, that’s just fine.

Well, we’ve had Ladies with Parasols and “brides” and now we have “girls under flowers”. I haven’t quite seen this before.

Yeah, these girls were adorable. I imagine all of this group got pretty tired walking the 14 or 16 blocks of the parade.

I am utterly baffled by the below group: The Original Maharajah USA, Inc. Who they are, what they stand for… Just baffled.

A last group of beauty queens. That’s a reporter who jumped up there to grab an interview with a queen.

The final Church group: Couples for Christ.

And the final group: the promised bagpipers (that’s what I promised in the first post; that this parade was begun and ended by bagpipers).

All in all, a mild parade that was really only distinguished by the Ladies with Parasols. I enjoyed it, but the groups seemed a little staid. Next weekend, the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Now they are not dull in the least.


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