I missed a celeb photo…I think

I was wandering through the Lower East Side and spotted a film crew. As I went past, I saw a little girl perhaps nine years old lip syncing and shoulder-swaying to unheard music and surrounded by a film crew. The little girl look slightly familiar. Perhaps not.

I walked on as I was on a quest to look at a garden. I knew they’d still be there in five minutes. If you’ve never seen this stuff, film crews stick around for hours and do very little, at least to my eyes. It seems to be multiple takes and you never see anything. I did take a quick photo of the crew. I didn’t want to throw the kid off her acting.

I wandered into the garden and spent less than ten minutes just looking at it and photographing it (it was the Sixth Street and Ave B Community Garden that I will post on separately).

And when I came out. They were gone. Not even the slightest sign of them.

Well, maybe a sign. There were postings by the NY film board or whomever that the new version of the Electric Company would be filming in the area. Maybe that was them.

In any case, the only film magic I saw was a little girl doing a little dance and a little lip-syncing to unheard music and then vanishing.


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One Comment on “I missed a celeb photo…I think”

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