Just another day at Union Square

Last weekend, I decided to take a little trip by Union Square. Something’s always going on at Union Square.

This time, one of the items was a flower market. Pretty impressive. The weather was just fine and the local vendors were out in force.

There were, of course, tons of flowers around; but in addition to them there were lots of the usual artists and, off to the side, the traditional farmers market. I’ve taken so many pictures of those crowds, I didn’t feel like doing another. Here’s more of the flower market vendors.

Surprisingly, the free hugs at Union Square people were out again. Good for them, but the crowd seemed a little more standoffish this time. And there were fewer huggers.

At the bottom left of the above picture, you can see some chalk writing. There was also an anti-restaurant-on-Union-Square protest going on. They were protesting the felling of a tree. I still haven’t seen the spot that they plan on building the restaurant. I just haven’t even thought about looking for it. In fact, it is probably so plainly visible that I’ve seen it and just haven’t even noticed.

Yeah, there’s always something going on in Union Square.


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