South Street Seaport

I was recently deep downtown and, as usual, felt the need to go by the South Street Seaport. It’s on the east side of Manhattan and they’ve created a nice little pedestrian mall about two blocks long in the area. Unfortunately, there is a very busy street that bisects that mall, but it’s tolerable. Here’s the view from the furtherest west point of the mall.

I don’t really want to review the mall and the seaport here. My usual practice is to go to the area and look out onto where the East River ain’t the river no more. It’s part of the bay. Below is the Circle Line boat. I highly, highly, highly recommend taking it if you ever visit NYC. I’ve done it three times, I think. Take the longest tour you have time for (I think the longest is 2 or 3 hours long).

Also down there are some tall ships for wandering about. Is there such a thing as a bad picture of a tall ship?

No, there really isn’t. Especially when you can also capture a cool backdrop.

But my favorite sight isn’t ships or people or anything like that. I just love staring at the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Willamsburg bridges from that angle. (You can barely see the Williamsburg in the picture below, though.) How do you remember the names? BMW.


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