Central Synagogue on Lexington Avenue

Located on 55th Street and Lexington Avenue, NYC’s Central Synagogue is very distinctive and really stands out from the nearby buildings.

The building style is noted as “Moorish” and that seems absolutely appropriate to the structure. It’s pretty cool looking.

But you know the one thing that really caught my eye?  Not the style (although that helped).  Instead, it has the most absolutely perfect announcement/services sign that I have ever seen on any house of worship. I am just so used to the ones that some poor deacon has to go out and put up the plastic lettering on. For Central Synagogue, it is just a nice standard digital display.

It’s such a minor thing, but just something I don’t know that I’ve seen before.  Well, I’ve seen Churches with the scrolling letter signs, but not something as simple and as nice as the above.

Incidentally, despite its old-style appearance, it is a Reform synagogue.


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