Yeshiva University

At the corner of Lexington Avenue and 35th Street is Yeshiva University.


But not quite.  The main body of the university is in upper Manhattan.  This is apparently a branch of the University, The Stern College for Women.


Yeshiva is apparently a part of the Orthodox part of Judaism, but I must admit never noticing any greater-than-normal number of people in yamulkes around the area.  That had always puzzled me because I’m aware that Yeshiva has a pretty good reputation for scholastics (rated #52 by US News and World Report in 2008) and I thought it was a decent-sized university.  However, if it is primarily a women’s school in this part of the City, that would seem to explain it.  And, it turns out that Yeshiva University has a total of only 3,000 or so students.  And that’s divided among several campuses of which this is only one.


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