Free Hugs at Union Square

You probably missed it, but that’s why there’s a Famous Ankles. Free Hugs in Union Square last weekend.

There were about eight or ten t-shirt clad huggers calling out their desire to bestow hugs to any and all. A few took them up on the offer and a whole bunch of us just appreciated their willingness to hug.

I believe it was actually a political protest of some sort. A sort of “arms are for hugging and not for shooting” sort of thing, but that’s only because I saw one sign along those lines. I saw another saying “It’s my birthday, hug me” carried by another…so maybe it was…an anti-war birthday salute? Nah, it wouldn’t be a “salute”, just a hug-in (wow, that takes me way, way back).

Anyway, happy birthday to her (unfortunately, not pictured).  And thanks to the young lady in the first picture for a great pose.


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