Union Square Artist Protest

Yesterday, I did a post about an unusual protest last weekend in Tompkins Square Park that seemed to reference Union Square and Washington Square Park.

When I got to Union Square later that day, I found a sort of “silent protest” by the artistic types.  By “artistic types”, I mean the craftsmen selling their wares.

It seemed to me that the authorities were starting to crack down on the protestors in Union Square, but that didn’t make any sense.  There was a farmers’ market going on and I can’t imagine that is under any City threat.  But, then again, the protestors are always there and the farmers’ market is on Saturdays.

And, of course, they aren’t all protestors.  Lots of them are just selling their wares. 

 If you noticed the above, there’s something about “park privatization”.  It seems to turn out that there is a move to bring in a restaurant onto Union Square and that this was an Arbor Day Protest in response to the possible cutting down of some trees to make way for a restaurant.  Wow.  I’ve seen many a protest, but never an Arbor Day one.


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