Papal Visit to NYC – First Signs

The long-awaited Papal visit to New York has begun. As regular readers of this blog are aware, I live in the Tudor City section of Manhattan, right next to the United Nations. And this morning, the Pope was coming.

Oh, and this morning, the security protocols were going into effect. Starting at 42nd Street, the street blocking had begun well before 7am when these pictures were taken. First, a picture of the UN itself from the end of 41st Street. You can see the 42nd Street blocking systems in operation. The ambulances were there just-in-case, I presume.

A close-up of the hubbub.

And the ultimate in road blocking: dump trucks.

On Tudor Blvd, they were towing vehicles parked on the overpass. Of course, they had cops posted up there, too. Hey, they had cops posted everywhere!

Here’s the same 42nd Street and 1st Avenue view, but from the 42nd Street overpass.

From the opposite side of the overpass, here’s a view of the blocking of 42nd Street at 2nd Avenue. There are two dumptrucks there. I don’t know why there are still vehicles in the street. They are probably cop cars or some sort of security.

Finally, from just a few yards east of 2nd Avenue, here’s a picture of the dumptrucks blocking 42nd.

I think the Pope was due between 9am and 10am. I was at work, so if he dropped by my place…well, sorry ’bout that.


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