Nice View of the Empire State Building

I was walking along 2nd Avenue the other day and looked up to see a rather nice view of the Empire State Building.  Took a quick pic to capture it.  I guess all that I can say is that I liked the framing of the building and the clouds.  The two buildings framing the Empire State are much, much smaller (half the size at most)than the Empire State Building; but I was closer to them.  That’s emphasized by the fact that the top of the Empire State Building is slightly obscured by the lowhanging cloud.

Just a nice picture for a quick post.

(Oh yeah, I still hate the new WordPress editing software! This post took about ten attempts to get right. I started it a day ago and it appears they had server problems and wouldn’t let me upload the picture. I know, I know: server problems aren’t the same as editor problems; but I ascribe all problems to the editor. I’m just in that mood, still mourning the loss of a known editor for a new one…despite the fact that the old one was pretty bad, too.)


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