2008 Tartan Day Parade Part 2

Yesterday’s post was fraught with new software editor problems. Today’s run looks a little smoother, but only a little.

And this only distracts from relating a pretty good parade. Not a great parade, but a pretty good’un.

The next group to show up was alumni the University of St. Andrew, founded in 1413. They looked like recent graduates with none being close to 600 years old.

Another clan, this time the Bruce Clan, came; but was combined with the Tri-County Pipe Band. I don’t know which three counties, though. But the Clan Bruce provided Scotland with two kings.

The next group was the Longelly Tartan Army. They was armed! Well, not really, but the old clans were often war-like.

The next pictures were from the highlight of the parade. The dogs. Not all of them were Scotties, though. In truth, not even a majority were. But a Highland Terrier is a Scot notwithstanding.

Other than Scotties, or other Scot terriers; few things say Scottish more than the next picture. A very fine lad. Family will remember the days that I had such a color to my own hair. (Aye, there’s a bit o’ the Scot in me.)

Okay, enough of the interlude. Bring on more dogs!

Scotties, red-haired lads, and then more pipers. The Tartan Day Parade had ’em all.

Following with more of a tartan dog.

The crowd was actually pretty good.

And the parade participants came from all over. The Greenock “branch” came from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “Greenock” is apparently an alternate word for Glasgow.

And alumni from Carnagie-Mellon also marched.

But, this is the Tartan Day Parade. We need more bagpipers! It’s been about three groups since we had pipers!

Next, a contingent from the Duchess County Scottish Society.

Followed by more bagpipers.

An interesting break in the groupings: a group carrying the caber. (That’s the log that Scottish athletes toss to go end over end.) The group with the caber (not the group carrying it) stopped and then with a roar took off in a quick dash up the street.

A group called The New Celtic Dancers showed and did a dance. Very enjoyable.

And they were followed by the Clan Buchanan.

The end of the parade came with the Clan MacFarlane.

This post took me at least four times the time that it used to take, plus I had to cut it short and couldn’t write it in the manner I prefer. I hate this new software editor that WordPress provides. I hope that I can make it a more streamlined process, but I’m not optimistic.


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