Washington Square Park Renovations

I received a recent comment from “Blayze” asking me to take a look at Washington Square Park and the status of the renovations.

The park, if you know it, is located at 5th Avenue and 1st Street what would have been 6th/7th Street if they hadn’t stopped the count just north of there (corrected, thanks to Cat).  It is considered part of the heart of Greenwich Village, although it is surrounded by New York University.  The great arch is an icon for the entrance to the park.


The arch is now blocked off for the renovations.  They are taking place over the entirity of the northwest portion of the park.

And these aren’t minor repairs.  Not even close.  What do you think belongs in the space below?


That’s where the fountain is supposed to be!  They’ve removed the whole thing.  An earlier commenter said they were moving it from the original location.  I don’t know how far it’s being moved, but here it is right now…in pieces.


Here are other parts of the area being renovated.



It looks like there’s a long, long ways to go.


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3 Comments on “Washington Square Park Renovations”

  1. cat Says:

    hi … I write a blog about Washington Square Park and other park/privatization/public space issues in NYC. Your post was linked to mine and vice versa (maybe it’s a word press thing?). Anyway the Park IS at Fifth Avenue but not 1st Street. The numbers stop at 8th Street and it’s a few blocks south from there.

    Great pictures you’ve posted. I’ve written about the “renovation” a lot on my blog: http://washingtonsquarepark.wordpress.com

    good luck!


  2. cat Says:

    I missed this originally. one more thing… They are moving the fountain 22 feet east to ‘align” with the Arch at Fifth Avenue (the two had been unaligned since originally ‘seated’ for over a century).

  3. Bishnu Says:

    You had me with the first image. Hot hot HAWT! I am absolutely lonivg how you’ve captured Jason in the morning. Especially the diptych of the watch and the groom. Powerful and glamorous.

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