The Whole World is in Greenwich Village

There’s an old cartoon that shows how New Yorkers view the world, with Manhattan being about 90% of the map of the US.  Like everyone else, I always found it humorous and a bit arrogant.

Well, that’s before I discovered that Greenwich Village encompasses the Whole World!  It’s now a documented fact.


In case you want to know the exact location of the Whole World; it’s at Leroy Street and Greenwich Street (northwest corner).  It seems a bit limited though.  I thought the whole world was bigger and a maybe a different color, or at least a better paint job.

(And, no, I don’t have any idea of what the company does.  I presume it doesn’t quite encompass the whole world.)


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2 Comments on “The Whole World is in Greenwich Village”

  1. Superbizzee Says:

    Hmm…I saw this on the way to pick up a package at Fed Ex the other night. It was very intriguing, especially now that the building is covered in wheat-pasted photos. Tried to go in after I picked up my package, but they seemed to be closed for the day (it was after 7:30 PM). I’ll take another trip over sometime this afternoon and blog about it. I’m assuming it’s some sort of art exhibit or gallery?

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