Easter Parade in NYC Part 2 of 3

More pictures from my 2008 Easter Parade wanderings on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.


The above was one of the few “grand but weird” hats.  They just didn’t seem to be as numerous as usual.  Maybe I left too early for others, but I don’t think so.

There were some, though.


The picture below captures some of all types.


Some of the more formal hat-wearings that I enjoyed.



And, yes, there were dogs.


Perhaps the most unique person in the parade was the Queen of Hearts.  Oh, yeah; she’s on stilts.  She just towered above everything.


Take a couple of kids and put hats completely over their bodies, tack on some fake small clothes much lower on their bodies and….



The guy below is at all of these events, along with his dog.


But the little girls are still the better subjects.


Some more formal wearing-types.  Quite a bit exaggerated, but that’s fine.


Another shot of the crowd.  This was the group taking photos of the people above.


Some were utterly shameless in trying to grab attention.  Tennis tog wearing women with dogs…and then the women started to play a sort of badmitten game with each other.






It’s a man under all that hatness below.  I’m guessing he agreed to wear a hat if it obscured enough of his features that would prevent his ever being recognized.  Well done, sir!



More of the more-formal-type-hats.  Not truly formal, but more than normal over the past few years.


Tomorrow, I’ll finish the posts.  There’s really not much to say:  you mill around and spot someone in the distance with a hat.  You work your way over there and find a few hundred others are doing the same thing.


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One Comment on “Easter Parade in NYC Part 2 of 3”

  1. Blayze Says:

    Looks like alot of fun. I never knew there was such festivities celebrating the bonnet there.

    Also, a request, if you could. I’ve been wondering how the construction in Washington Square Park is going. If you’re ever around that area, I’d greatly appreciated a few snapshots of the park to see how the process is moving along.

    Keep wandering.

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