FUBAR Disaster on 51st Street

I was out in Greenwich Village today doing some wandering, and whilst I was there, a crane in the Upper East Side collapsed and destroyed a building that included “FUBAR“, a bar that advertises itself as offering “a heavy drinking atmosphere”.  At least four are known dead at this time.

The mayor has just announced that the bar was not open.  That’s amazing and completely unexpected as it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend and I’ve walked past I don’t know how many groups of “21 year-olds” who are loudly proclaiming their intention to drink.

For me, the most bizarre part is that I’ve been home for about the past two hours and haven’t heard more than the usual amount of sirens and helicopters.  It’s only 10 blocks north of me, maybe a half-mile.

I don’t remember ever seeing the place, but it’s located just a block south of a grocery store I go to quite often.

The way that NYC works, I wouldn’t be able to get close to the site under any circumstances.  If I can, I’ll post pictures later.


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2 Comments on “FUBAR Disaster on 51st Street”

  1. potheadpanache Says:

    Quite a shame. Hate to see this stuff happen.

    Anyway, great blog. I love reading about all your numerous wanderings as I myself love meandering about New York myself. Haven’t been able to lately, as I’ve been lacking the finances to catch a train up to Manhattan to stroll about my favorite haunts, mainly the Village.

    I look forwarding to reading more of your blogs, and maybe I’ll see ya wandering around.

  2. Famous Ankles Says:


    Thanks for the comment. I’ve got a few posts already written and ready to be posted over the next week or two dealing with my recent wanderings around the Village. I hope you enjoy them.


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