The Timekeeper Building

On East 53rd is a modest looking building with a cool name:  The Timekeeper.  Originally, it was a factory building.  Sad to say, I couldn’t quite fit it all into one frame.


 And, of course, it was originally know for its production of….cigars.  Okay, later it became known for its work in…specialized woodworking.  It’s now known for…being an office building.

Here’s the plaque:


It reads:  “The Timekeeper – 307 East 53rd Street – Constructed in 1886 A.D., as a  factory for the manufacture of cigars.  On the site, and on its adjoining properties, had been clapboard rowhouses, stables, and a foundry.  Some forty-five years later, The Timekeeper became a center for the production of specialized woodworking of custom design.  After its 100th anniversary, painstaking rehabilitation was begun, and in 1989 the building re-opened for use as modern office and retail space.”

 I haven’t the foggiest idea why it is called “The Timekeeper”.


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