Ankling to the Church of the Incarnation

I recently checked out a new Episcopal Church to see their services.  It was The Church of the Incarnation located on Madison Avenue and 35th Street.  It’s a little closer to where I live than the Church of the Transfiguration and it boasts (well, that may be an overstatement) a history and architecture that is pretty impressive.


It was built in 1865 and holds works by Tiffany (windows), LaFarge (murals), St. Gaudens (sculpture), Burne-Jones (windows), William Morris (windows), and Daniel Chester French (sculpture – he actually did Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial).  That’s according to the historic plaque.  The Church’s website has a nice virtual tour that shows all of the windows and the like.

The service was interesting.  We didn’t do Rite 1 or Rite 2, instead it was straight from the beginning of the Prayer Book.  It was performed in the tiny Chapel of the Nativity off to the left inside the church.  I rather enjoyed it, but I was more interested in the architecture than in the service; not a good sign for me.

Anyway, it is a terrific building and worth a look.


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