Rita Ford Music Boxes

Every so often I’ll run into a specialized store that will amaze me with its ability to be in business with a very narrow range of product.  The most amazing, at least for me, has been “The Tassel Shop” which sells nothing but tassels.

But, I was recently wandering in the Upper East Side and ran into another one but this one has certain pluses that the Tassel Shop can’t match.

It’s Rita Ford’s Music Boxes.  It’s located on 65th Street near Fifth Avenue which makes it an absolutely first rate location.


All they sell is music boxes.  Really nice ones, too.


To be honest, I’ve never really given much thought to music boxes.  I asked the gentleman running the store about it and he mentioned that they have been in business for around 50 years and are a leader in the field.  He showed me some of the workings of the music boxes and how there are various levels of sophistication to the sound.  I always think of them as having a limited repertoire of notes, but some of them sounded pretty good.


The shop also has some big ones and obviously antique versions. 


 The one below was amazing to see.  I didn’t want to ask him to play it.  Okay, I did want to ask but I didn’t want to put him out.


Don’t expect to come in here and pay $9.99 on a music box.  They may have some, but I sure didn’t see them.


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