Westminster Dog Show Part 3

One of the problems being at the Garden during Westminster is that there is little announcing beyond the “main” announcer describing the dogs, so you really don’t know what is going on.  Each time the winners are chosen, the TV audience hears who it is and all, but we had to wait until a commercial to find out who won.  Well…depending on your knowledge of the dogs.  When I saw the beagle win, I didn’t know for sure which of the dogs it was.  Not that I don’t know beagles, but there are several variations plus foxhounds and the like.  For me, it’s only leglength that distinguished that particular dog type.  So we waited til the commercial, the beagle was announced, and a lady near me said that it was the favorite for winning the whole shebang (which it did the next night).

But, this post is about the Terriers.  I love that group.  Once again, they came into the arena from the left.  At least they came after a really long delay.  It must have been interview time on TV.

Airdale Terrier #7.


American Staffordshire Terrier #9.


Australian Terrier #11.


Bedlington Terrier #8.


Border Terrier #9.


Bull Terrier (colored) #8.


Bull Terrier (white) #9.


Cairn Terrier #5.


The Dandie Dinmont Terrier was announced and then, as fast as lightning, dropped.  I guess “AB” means “absent”.  I don’t know if anything showed up on TV about it.


Fox Terrier (smooth) #5.


Fox Terrier (white) #7.


Glen of Imaal Terrier #10.


Irish Terrier #8.


Kerry Blue Terrier #5.


Then it was time for a commercial break.

During the mid-group commercials, they would switch sides for judging.  The dogs that had been show were just milling around with their handlers behind their yellow boxes.  The group that was getting ready to show would come out onto the main carpet area apparently to get the dogs ready for the limelight.

As as they were on commercial, I’ll do the same and wait for the next post to finish up the Terriers.


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3 Comments on “Westminster Dog Show Part 3”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Thanks again for such a thorough report. It’s nice to know what goes on during the commercial breaks. Your ankles are famous in Tally Town – there are several of us who are visiting NY vicariously through your reports.

  2. famousankles Says:


    Thanks for the encouragement and the views. I am often amazed that I can write about NYC day after day and I keep expecting to have to take a break because of a lack of stuff to write about. But it hasn’t come so far. (With winter here, I still fully expect to run out of stuff. I was looking at NYC events this weekend, and there wasn’t anything. So, I’ll just try to find something interesting. I’m open for suggestions…)


  3. jahnaya Says:

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