The 9th Precinct

When I was a kid, I enjoyed the old TV show “Kojak” with Telly Savalas.  Recently, I was down in the East Village and ran across the old precinct house that he was supposedly based out of:  the 9th Precinct.


It’s located on 5th Street between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue.  In the bad-old-days, this area was one of the toughest and most crime ridden places in Manhattan, being right next to Alphabet City.


I always find it interesting that the police cars are typically parked in the streets instead of a discreet parking lot someplace near.  Of course, a “discrete parking lot” would cost the city about a bazillion dollars, but they don’t even risk parking tickets by just pulling up front.

Below is the entire station house, or at least the front of it.


The old exterior was also used for the “NYPD Blue” TV show, so it does have even more “history”.  (The Blues was actually supposedly set in the 15th Precinct, but I understand that was a ficticious precinct number.) 

It just went through a lot of recent renovations.  It looks sharp.


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One Comment on “The 9th Precinct”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Point of interest: The 9th Squad building was used in many police tv shows including NYPD Blue and Kojak as noted here. The 15th Precinct did not/ does not exist. I remember shows going back as far as Naked City in the early 60’s that were filmed here. Got to meet Telly Savalas during Kojak shoot.

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