Sam and Sadie Koenig Garden

In my recent wanderings of Alphabet City (part of the Lower East Side and also called the East Village), I ran into a number of vacant lots that had been converted into community gardens.  One identical link between them:  all seemed about the width of a former building that had been removed.  Maybe by being too derelict, or maybe they were destroyed in the bad old days and just needed to have the rubble removed.  Another link:  the imaginative use of the space by those that turned such an open area into something rather nice.

On 7th Street between Avenue C and Avenue D is one of those places:  the Sam and Sadie Koenig Garden.  I don’t know anything about Sam and Sadie, but they’ve got a nice community garden.


Maybe this is a representation of Sadie?  Probably not, but maybe in a poetical/artistic sense.


A sign on the fence says it is open Saturday and Sundays from 11am to 4pm or “whenever the gate is open.”  Ya gotta love that.  Being winter, it’s a bit sparse, but I don’t really think it’s a huge source of greenery at any time of year.  (Look at the shadows.)  And the next picture shows how very thin the place is.


Yeah, it’s about as wide as the truck is long.  But in NYC, you take your green spaces where you can find them.  And I really like the statuary and the little winding path.


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