Where is Times Square?

Every so often I’ll see a place that is named….wrong.  I’ve written another post about some restaurant trying to persuade people that Little Italy extends into the high 40s, and there’s this one which extends Times Square into a much wider orbit than the neighborhood around 7th Avenue and 42nd Street.


It’s the Times Square Bagel Deli located in the heart of…Murray Hill?  This place is located at 33rd Street and Madison Avenue.  That 9 blocks south and three blocks east of the real Times Square.  The 9 blocks isn’t much, but the 3-block distance from Madison to 7th Avenue is a long walk (remember, in NYC east-west blocks are big while north-south blocks are short).

I wonder how many people have walked by there and thought they were close.  Nah.  It’s hard to imagine it ever fooled even the newest visitors.  That area is not real big on glitz.


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