The Saw Lady

As I wandered around the city on Sunday, I ran into some sophisticated entertainment.  The venue?  Why the subway system, of course.  The subways have lots of entertainment, sometimes they are gymnastic:


These were from a group at Times Square.  There are several of these groups and they all operate by telling some jokes, blasting a boombox, and collecting money.


But one that I don’t see all that often is the Saw Lady.


Yes, she is playing a standard wood-cutting saw.  The sound is ethereal.  As I recall, she was playing some familiar tunes, but I can’t remember which ones. 

The weirdest part?  A couple of hours later I was walking through Times Square and heard someone else playing the saw!  Two separate saw-player sightings in a day.  Now, that’s interesting.


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2 Comments on “The Saw Lady”

  1. Michelle Says:

    The ‘Saw Lady’ sure is cool! She has a blog – – where she tells what happens when she plays in the subway. I usually see her at 59th street.
    Who was the other saw player you heard?

  2. famousankles Says:

    It was a man playing the saw one the 1/2/3 northbound platform. And you’re correct, I forgot about her blog.

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