The Little Church Around the Corner

I went to a new church (at least for me) on Sunday.  I don’t know why I thought about it, but I decided to take a look at The Church of the Transfiguration on 29th Street (between Madison and Fifth).  It’s better known as “The Little Church Around the Corner” with the story of an actor’s friend trying to arrange the actor’s funeral but being rebuffed by the church and being told that “the little church around the corner” does that sort of thing for actors.


It is pretty small, but it isn’t tiny.  It did, however, outlive the larger and grander church that provided the name of this little church.  It’s Episcopal and like every NYC Episcopal church I’ve been in, it is dark and sparsely attended.  I went to the early service at 8:30am and there were about 10 of us.  The attendees appeared to be regulars, though.

The service was fine and I expect to go back.  Of all things, it’s closer to me than my other Episcopal church.


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