Macy’s Christmas Windows (Part 2)

 In my first post on this, I said there were three different sets of windows at Macy’s:  sales windows were the first and an imaginative set called “Santa’s Big Night” was the second.

 The third set of windows at Macy’s during the 2007 Christmas season?


That’s right:  the Macy’s-centric movie:  Miracle on 34th Street.  I know they’ve had this set of windows up before.

The windows tell the movie’s story.  All of these windows are on the southern side of Macy’s along 34th Street (wouldn’t ya know).  First, we have Kris Kringle wandering around wearing his civvies.


The next window shows him during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


The balloon in the window was a real balloon and they had some way of making it blow around to emphasize that.  In fact, all of the windows have motion of some sort but it is never very much.  In the same window, just to the left, you have the Natalie Wood character watching the parade from her apartment window.


At the lower left, they have text from the movie and here she comments how this year’s Santa is much better than last year’s.

 In the next window, Natalie’s character tugs on Santa’s beard.  The window text says that its a real beard.


The next window is just too big for one picture.  Even for two.  It’s the culmination of the movie with the courtroom scene and Santa is declared the real Santa.  The handiwork on this scene is amazing.


The depiction of the judge is perfect.  Who doesn’t remember this scene?


And Santa is congratulated.


As far as I know, this window series has appeared every year since the 50s.  I doubt it, but it is so good that I can’t imagine it hasn’t been a perennial favorite for years and years.

Nevertheless, Macy’s still doesn’t have my favorite Christmas window (the below is from ABC Furniture):  20071128-abc-furniture-christmas-window.jpg


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