Union Square Holiday Shops

Once again:  an open area in NYC during December?  Put up some open-air shops!  Union Square, one of my favorite places in all of NYC, goes whole hog into the Christmas shopping frenzy.


As you can see, it takes up all of the cemented area at Union Square (the actual square is WAAAAY larger than this area, but this is where a lot of the real “stuff” happens).

There are lots and lots of these little kiosks in the area.  How many?  Maybe 100 or so(?).


There’s all kinds of places.  Usually, it is small gifts for adults, but kids get their share of these.  This “kipkids.com” shop was pretty well attended.


But my favorite is the Unemployed Philosophers Guild.  I’ve seen them each year for the past three years.  Great stuff! It’s as whimsical as you could hope for.


The items in the light green boxes are “Freudian Slippers”.  The stuff to the right are philosopher refrigerator magnets.  There are nice little descriptors on the magnets, too.  (Just in case you’ve forgotten who Kant was.  I couldn’t find any Schleiermacher, though.  Must have sold out.)

And, of course, lots and lots of Christmas decorations.


Okay, I confess…I actually didn’t look for Schleiermacher.  I oughta go back and look.  I took a class on Schleiermacher many years ago and remember it fondly.  I barely remember anything about his philosophy, but I can spell his name without any need of reference.


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2 Comments on “Union Square Holiday Shops”

  1. […] and had roughly half of them respond in kind.  I then went over to Union Square and looked for Schleiermacher.  The guy running the Unemployed Philosophers Guild confessed they didn’t have his fridge […]

  2. Ramazan Says:

    Thanky Thanky for all this good inatomfrion!

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