Finding a Christmas Tree in NYC

One of the more fun aspects of Christmastime in NYC is the carting of trees around Manhattan.  I mean, when I was living in other states it was standard procedure to get in your car, go to the place that had trees, find a tree, throw it in the car, and take it home.  But, in Manhattan, you don’t do that.  First, the place with Christmas trees has no parking.  Second, as a Manhattanite you often don’t have a car.

Instead, it’s a little old-school.  You walk to the closest place with trees and you carry your purchase home.  Usually, it’s a family affair with two people carrying the tree.  It does tend to keep the size of trees down, but that’s also true of NYC apartments.

Anyway, I was down on 14th Street and saw a place with trees.  I wish I could have caught some people carrying one away, but no such luck.


Yeah, there’s not even the traditional parking lot or empty lot…just the sidewalk.


As for me, I set up a Nativity (from Hummel).  All my tree stuff is in storage.


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