2007 Grand Central Kaleidoscope Light Show – Part 2

Just a quick finish to my Grand Central Station / Terminal light show review…

The people on the Grand Concourse never really stopped, but they did slow down…a little.  There were a number of us lining the walls or just standing in the open.  I was standing near the foot of the west stairs, trying to keep out of people’s way while getting a nice view.


Other than the music, what I show here can’t really capture the event.  The pictures move pretty quickly across the walls and then there are occasional pauses where you wonder “is it over?”.



Unfortunately, with the lighting, it took my camera a little too long to take the pictures, hence the shakiness.

More kaleidoscope-type pictures.


The back walls of the concourse were also part of the show.



And then a little bit of simulated fireworks…


And the curtain comes down…


From beginning to end:  eight minutes.

It’s a nice show.


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