New York City Marathon Part 2

I’ve already covered the wheelchair portion of the race.  However, you must understand that once the runners started coming, that didn’t mean the wheelchair racers weren’t around.  In fact, they kept popping up here and there for as long as I watched the race.

As we ended the last post:  the first runners were on their way.  The initial heralds were motorcycles.  And then this car with the time at the 17 mile mark (1 hour 32 minutes).


Then the runners themselves.


From what I understand, these two are old competitors and started and ended the race pretty much like this.


Their names are Paula Radcliffe, from Britain, and Gette Wami, from Ethiopia.  You’d think the taller one (Radcliffe) would have the advantage, but it appears marginal.  They apparently ran neck and neck up until almost the very end, where Radcliffe pulled ahead.

It took a couple of more minutes before the next runners came up.


And then they started coming in earnest.


Some seem to have name tags in addition to the number.  This is “Moeller”, I’d guess.


And then “Begay”.


And then “Eap”.


And they just kept coming.



The next was a favorite of mine.  I call her the “bouncing hair woman”.  It was just flying all over the place.  She moved smoothly but her hair was in another dimension.


And then, 23 minutes after the women first started by…the men started to arrive.

But that’s the subject of another post.


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