A Famous Ankles Halloween Skate

No matter how many times I tell myself to take my camera, I seem to ignore my own advice.  Today is Halloween, and in NYC that means the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.  That’s one parade I really don’t plan to cover, but everybody keeps telling me I’m really missing something.  Maybe I am. Well, I’m actually sure I am, but I don’t know that I’m unhappy about missing such a bacchanal.

But, there was to be a parade in Tudor City.  I don’t think it was to be a real parade, but more along the lines of people going out in costumes and wandering the local streets.  In preparation for that, I decided that I needed to have my camera battery fully charged, so I put it in the recharger before I went to work.

And completely forgot that the company’s annual Halloween ice skating event at Rockefeller Center.  I’ve posted on that before and I really do enjoy skating there.  So, I went without camera.  So, no great ice skating shots from Famous Ankles, just some descriptions.

The rink isn’t large, but it certainly can accommodate a couple of dozen people at the same time.  What really happens is that the watchers outnumber the skaters by 3:1 or 4:1.  You’re always catching flash bulbs going off out of the corner of your eye, but it is often people on the ice taking the pictures, too.  This evening was a lot of fun.  One of my co-workers brought her sister and niece to the rink and, because neither of them skates well, let me take the young lady (10 or 12, I’d guess but I really don’t know) to go around it.  The kid had the gumption, but not the skillset at the time and it was more of a matter of letting her hug the rail the whole way around.

We did it about four times with each of the first three times becoming progressively better and better.  She did get to the point that she could “walk skate” ten or fifteen feet without the rail as her closest friend.  But by the fourth time she was exhausted and decided that the rail was the closest friend she had in the whole world and wouldn’t let go until nearing the very end. 

I’m happy to say that she never fell once under my tutelage.

As usual, the grandeur of the place is overwhelming.  You’re below ground level and the Rockefeller Center building just towers over the place in a way that’s beyond my ability to describe…well, beyond saying “overwhelming”.


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