Bombs at the NYC Mexican Consulate

I took some time off and spent part of Friday wandering through the wilds of Chelsea (forthcoming posts) and decided to walk home from there.

I was walking on 39th Street toward Madison Avenue when I noticed that the crowd at the corner was a little odd.  They just were standing there.  No one crossed the street and I noted that they seemed overwhelmingly Hispanic.  My instincts said something was up and I looked across Madison and saw that there was police tape up blocking off 39th Street from eastward traffic.  I crossed and found another crowd (nothing huge by any means) and spotted a CBS cameraman doing some filming.  I took some quick photos, knowing something had happened/was going to happen.


I noticed a double-line of yellow tape and noted that everything was pretty low-key.  As I was standing next to the cameraman, and he looked rather bored, I asked what was going on.  He said that there had been a bomb.  I said, “You mean a bomb threat?”  He answered, “No, a bomb.”

That’s a real wake-up call as you can probably imagine.  It turns out (well, it’s still ongoing) that someone early in the morning had thrown two gernades, or gernade-type devices, into the Mexican Consulate.  As this was nearly 11am, the event had been going on for hours with me blissfully unawares.

You could see the consulate from the block entry point.


I knew nothing about when the bombing had occurred, so I was a little surprised that it was so sedate.  I waited around for a few minutes and captured some crowd shots.



I then went over to 38th and cut over to Park Avenue and got there in time to see the NY CSI unit pulling away.


When I saw that, I knew that it must have taken place a long time before.  So I wandered on home.

This sort of thing happened nearly two years ago at the British Consulate up in the 50s and Third Avenue.   Thankfully, it’s been minor stuff at night.


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  1. Christopher Says:

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