5th Avenue at night

I was out one evening and took a few pictures along 5th Avenue (or is it “Fifth Avenue”, I never know when to use one or the other).

I was up about 50th and wandered around Rockefeller Center a bit.



Just across the way is St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.  It is awesome in the evening.


The front doors are also impressive.  Here’s a full shot of the door followed by a closeup of one of the panels.  (Each of the door’s panels is different.)



The above panel is for St. Isaac Jogues, the first priest to come to Manhattan.  His journeys from Manhattan in the early 1600’s took him all the way to Lake Superior and he apparently even had some dealings with the Sioux tribe.  Amazing.  He was martyred after a long series of trials and tortures that he survived, even returning to Europe and then coming back to America, only to be killed by the Iroquois only a couple of hundred miles from New York City.


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