Ankling to the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

Or, if you prefer, the Clinton Flea Market.  Hah!  No one ‘cept realtors calls it “Clinton” (named after New York’s first governor and not its current junior senator).

The official name:


The flea market is pretty famous, at least locally.  I’ve been there about three times and I’d have to say it has gotten smaller each time.  Saturday’s displays filled only a fraction of the road blocked off for it (at the corner of 9th Avenue and 39th Street, going to 10th Avenue). 

However, the most wonderful thing about it is that it is a true flea market.  You want dishes, glasses, silverware, watches, furniture, records, cds, DVDs…whatever?  They got it.

This guy is not for sale (but I guess you could make an offer).


The displays were pretty spread out, but there was a central area that was chock-a-block with stuff.


I have to admit that I was startled by one item.  A “secretary”.


“Startled” only begins my emotions on it.  I inherited a near exact version from my grandmother.  It sits in my little Manhattan co-op even as I type away.

But the flea market version is in better condition.  And it has a real lock, and it has little supports that pivot out to support the desk top when it swings out, and it has FOUR drawers (mine has three).  Mostly, it seems too….inexpensive.  Not that I would ever sell mine (family would kill me if I did), but $295 seems awfully little for something I treasure so much.  Who knows how much I could have knocked the price down to?


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