The Hispanic Columbus Day Parade Part 4

I don’t know what happened to Part 3 of my Hispanic Columbus Day Parade coverage.  Yesterday, the post’s content had disappeared, although I could view it in “preview mode”.  But, when I posted it, zip.  I’m going to see about re-constructing it, but I’m not hopeful.  I may just end up posting the pictures.

We’ll see. 

 I enjoyed the parade, but I didn’t stay the entire time.  I had waited two hours before it started and had already been away from home for two hours before that.  It was just too much time at a parade after going to three of them last week.

The marchers certainly made my time there worth spending.  I can’t express how much I admire their skill and pride.

Here’s a sequence that was too good not to include two photos from.



Leaping Vaqueros!


Like the guys in yesterday’s post, these guys above jangled when they walked.  Instead of spurs, they had bells sewed into their pants.  The same with the next picture.  They also re-created the serpentine.


Lots of other dancers showed.  Of all sorts of ages.





The next woman was really good.  Surrounded by other women and girls, she just danced up a storm.


My notes tell me that these were Ecuadorian/Equadorian dancers.  (I’m told it’s properly spelled with a “c”, but I think I was taught with a “q” and just have a hard time accepting the other spelling.)


And others busted the stereotype of women in skirts.  Still Ecuadorian…Equadorian…


I particularly like the ones below.  I think it’s the true sort of peasant look to it that catches my eye.



I’m going to end the post, and this series of posts, with this next picture.  Very simple.  Very colorful.  Wonderful to watch.



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