The Hispanic Columbus Day Parade Part 2

My previous posting on the Hispanic Columbus Day Parade was a little longer than expected, but for someone who was there for only about half of the parade, I sure have a lot more to show.

This post will concentrate on the period costumes and the dancers.  I don’t know yet whether it will be one or two posts.  Let’s just say that there were a lot of reasons to take a lot of pictures.

The first part of the parade had little music.  There were a lot of delays between the groups and I was a little depressed at how sedate it was all going.  Over time, the energy began to ramp up until it was…well, a great little parade going on.

First, the costumes and the dancers were highly correlated.  At first, there were some people posing nicely in native national dress.



And there were occasional floats, including this odd one that had a small secret packed in there (the second picture)


The secret:  kids in costume.


The costumes/native dress were straight out of the picture books.


And other times they were just wildly, wildly colorful.  That was especially true with the dancers…and kids like the following.


But it was the dancers that really showed their stuff.  The only real problem I had was that I could never figure out who was from where.  It seemed like Bolivia showed up a lot.  But some were obviously from some other countries.  It actually doesn’t matter.  What mattered was their enthusiasm and it was great.  Another item that was great was that all ages and types were part of the routine.

Here a few pictures of some of the dancing sequences.




The thing that was amazing is that they just kept coming and coming and coming.  And they all seemed to be absolutely independently costumed.


Oh, and high-heeled.  These ladies danced their way for a couple of miles…except they kept going back and forth across the street so that added a lot of distance for them.

The ones you’ve seen so far are just small groups, but sometimes they came in much larger numbers.


Colorful, colorful, colorful.


Okay, that’s enough for now.  I’ve barely scratched the surface.  Stay tuned for part 3.


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