General Pulaski Parade / Polish Parade in NYC – Part 3

I’ve led you on for two posts before putting in my favorite part:  Miss Polonia.  This is the part to the Polish Parade that struck me the first time I saw it last year and I found it very endearing that the community absolutely, positively, totally refuses to say that just one of their young ladies is enough representation for all of Poland.  Why have one pretty girl when the Polish community has so very many?

And, for the most part, they double it by having a “Little Miss Polonia”, sometimes called “Junior Miss Polonia” – not to mention the occasional “court”.  This was the 27th General Pulaski Parade and I have a suspicion that there have been hundreds and hundred of Miss Polonias, each of whom remembers her day(s) in the sun during a great parade.  And I say:  Good for you!

I have no idea of any sort of requirement to become a Miss Polonia.  I presume any and every group participating has the right to name one for whatever reasons they deem appropriate.  About all that was consistent amongst them was a tiara or crown.  During the march, I saw one or two tiara-wearers that weren’t clearly marked with the title, but they’re all “Miss Polonia” to Famous Ankles.

Congrats, ladies.

Miss Polonia – Staten Island


Next, Miss Polonia South Brooklyn Inez Zuska and Junior Miss Polonia Isabella Kwasnik.


Next, Miss Polonia from Our Lady of Consolation Church (with one or more Junior Miss Polonias).


Another Miss Polonia (at least I think she is).


Miss Polonia of Greenpoint (this was a tough one to catch).


Miss Polonia of Utica.


Another Miss Polonia (sometimes there’s no sign for what area or group; and sometimes they have the names).


I love this name:  Miss Polonia of Glen Cove and Vicinity.


And here’s Mister and Miss Polonia.  (The only “Mr. Polonia” I saw.)


Miss Polonia of Manhattan.


Another Miss Polonia.


Next, Miss Polonia of Orange County, New York.


Next, Miss Polonia of Ridgewood NY Sylvia Kruszewska and Jr Miss Polonia Michalle Warunek.


Next, Miss Polonia of Ozone Park, Violetta Chmura and Little Miss Polonia Victoria Nowinski.


Miss Polonia of Maspeth.  There’s a Junior Miss Maspeth there, but not a great photo.  Sorry, as you deserve better, kid.


Miss Polonia of Rockland County, New York.


Miss Polonia of Westchester, along with a Junior Miss Polonia, maybe two of ’em.


Miss Polonia of Stamford, Connecticut.


Miss Polonia of Wallington Sylwia Soltys.


 Miss Polonia of Garfield, Amada Konarski. 


Miss Polonia of Jersey City.  This was disappointing as I had a great shot but an official photographer blocked my picture.


At this point, it’s getting late and I still have many a Miss Polonia to go.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.


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9 Comments on “General Pulaski Parade / Polish Parade in NYC – Part 3”

  1. ella Says:

    jr. miss polonia of staten island South Brooklyn is my bff.

  2. […] didn’t dance either, but I do love the concept of the beauty queen (just take a look at my Polish Day Parade postings). This is Miss Dance of the United States. I haven’t the foggiest idea of how she got […]

  3. Arletta Says:

    I see that there is a girl from Ozone Park SHe is From my scholl the little one and the big one is in collage now

  4. caroline Says:

    hey, will you be posting the pictures of miss polonias from the 2008 parade???

  5. Famous Ankles Says:

    I really screwed up this year and missed the parade!!!!!! It’s one of my favorites and the Miss Polonias are the best part. I’m so sorry.

  6. missannakay Says:

    aw 😦 i was Miss Polonia 2007 of Elizabeth Contingent =/ guess you missed meee!

    i’m glad you enjoy coming to the parade 😀

  7. Darofraso Says:

    holi I your fraso patagon y polonia talk langue listen vote polaco,onicon every here you friends good no can usa crazy state united nazis evil ugly….jaajaazzzz ouukkkkk!!!byssss ….

  8. Darofraso Says:

    hi- argentin de patagon and polonia vote earn nice lady every good…

  9. amanda Says:

    does anyone know where these pageants for Miss Polonia in New York take place? or how to get any information for them in the future?

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