Vespas and Maseratis at Grand Central

It’s nearing Columbus Day and Grand Central is starting to catch the Italian spirit.  I went in recently and found that they had two very different, but essentially similar exhibits.  What could be more different than Vespas and Maseratis?


There were four of them just inside from Vanderbilt Hall.  And right in the Grand Councourse were two Maserati Quattroportes.


The Vespas were for display only as far as I could tell.  No price tags and really no signs around for them.  But the Maseratis did have a little something for the car enthusiasts.  First, they had a nice bit of signage on it with description and capabilities…and price tag.  That’s what I wanted to know.  The answer:  $117,000 base price.  There was a card drop to get additional information on the cars, too.  And a number of people had filled it out.

But the interesting part of it was there was a second sign that said you could win the Maserati.  There was going to be a drawing.  The catch(es)?  There would only be 300 tickets in the drawing…and the price of each ticket was $1,000.  I passed.  But the car is impressive.

I imagine the Vespas are much cheaper, but both modes have their appeal to me.  For Manhattan, I think I’d be much better off with a Vespa.  At the very least they are easier to find parking for.  However, I am still very much of an “ankler about town” and will settle for a less catchy mode of travel than either of the two options.


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