Fireworks at the United Nations

I live in a east-side section of Manhattan called Tudor City.  I was working on a post this evening and heard a loud explosion.  And then another, and another.  I’m a stone’s throw from the United Nations and they’re all in a tizzy regarding opening of the general session and visits from President Bush and the president of Iran (I’m not going to google his name just to get the spelling right, though).

So, I thought something was up.  I grabbed my camera and went to the East River.  Okay, to an overlook in Tudor City that looks out to the East River.  It was fireworks.  Not really a huge show (the 4th of July stuff is unbelievable), but a big one.  One large barge in the middle of the East River just a few hundred yards downstream from the UN.

I wasn’t the only one there.  We had about 50 of us.  The show lasted maybe 15 or 20 minutes and that was it.

I took a number of pictures, but only one was any good at all.


And absolutely no one had any idea why it was being done.  I heard speculation regarding Yom Kippur, the equinox, celebrating a presidential visit, and the opening of the general session of the UN. 


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